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This series of Pop! features Losers club leader Bill, Ben,Beverly featured with her short hair, the hilarious Richie with bat and unknowing hypochondriac Eddie featured with his broken arm and inhaler. In addition, Mike and Stan who are prepared to fight! We couldn't leave out adorable Georgie in his yellow raincoat holding the SS Georgie.


Look for the chase piece of Georgie- with no arm! Beverly has a bloody chase piece, both a rarity of 1-in-6.


In addition, look for Pennywise with spider legs from the showdown scene with the Losers club. Will Pennywise get the Losers club to float

Code EAN 13 8896983002160
Éditeur FUNKO
Genre Movies - POP! Movies
Date de parution 10/08/2018
Support Broché
Description du format Version Papier
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